(Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Here’s Kerrigan with a few “last things.” Some of these may have changed since we chatted, but I’m fairly confident that “Coors Light on the golf course” is always in play.

Ryan Kerrigan, what was the last…

Movie you saw
Snow White and the Huntsman.

Thing you cooked
Eggs and turkey sausage.

Song you downloaded
Some Billy Joel song. It was the most random song. I forget which song, but it was a Billy Joel one.

Vacation you went on
It’s been forever. I have not been on a vacation in probably... I went to Lake Michigan a couple of summers ago.

Item of clothing you bought

I bought a pair of flip flops from Nike. Well, “bought.”

Person who made you laugh
Daniel Tosh.

Person you texted
My friend Donnie.

Thing you took a picture of
I was on the field at the Nats game and took a couple of pictures.

Time you cried
Jon Crompton made me laugh really hard the other day and I was actually crying.

Famous person you met
Bryce Harper. He’s pretty cool, actually. He’s a nice dude.

Time you bled
Ten minutes ago [at practice].

Fast food restaurant you visited
I couldn’t tell you. It was probably sophomore year of college.

Beer you drank
Coors Light on the golf course.