He also has a very unsurprising tattoo.

Trent Williams, what was the last…

Movie you saw
“Man on a Ledge.”

Book you read
I’m a movie guy.

Thing you cooked
Barbecued steak and chicken. Me and Orakpo teamed up, had some teammates. It was pretty good, too.

Song you downloaded
I downloaded the Kevin Gates mix tape, “Make ‘Em Believe.”

Vacation you went on

I went to Vegas with a couple of teammates for Memorial Day.

Dream you had
I had a dream I scored a touchdown. I don’t remember what game it was, though. Actually, somebody got an interception and I stripped them and picked up the fumble.

Person who made you laugh
Probably Jammal [Brown]. JB.

Thing you took a picture of
My daughter.

Time you cried
I don’t remember. I’m not really that emotional.

Time you bled
I scraped my knee in the pool.

Fast food restaurant you visited

Tattoo you got
I got one on my back. It’s a gorilla.