In a chat last week, rookie Moore tells us about his walk-up music and why Braves pitcher Eric O’Flaherty made him mad.

Tyler Moore, what was the last…

Movie you saw
“Crocodile Dundee” this morning.

Book you read
The Josh Hamilton book. [“Beyond Belief: Finding Strength to Come Back”]

Thing you cooked
Eggs, scrambled.

Song you downloaded
My walk-up by Jason Aldean, “Take a Little Ride.”

Vacation you went on
A cruise with my buddies to the Bahamas this offseason.

Person who made you mad
Probably [Eric] O’Flaherty because I couldn’t get a hit off him.

Thing you took a picture of
I took a picture of some family who came down last week.

Time you cried
Probably getting hit by a pitch.

Time you bled
Last time I slid.

Fast food restaurant you visited
Chick-fil-a, for sure.

Website you visited

Probably 6mmBr.com. That’s my [hunting] rifle back home.

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