There’s been some lively debate already about Bruce Boudreau’s level of culpability in the Caps’ 3-0 deficit. One reporter asked Boudreau about his job security Wednesday morning, which he didn’t like, and fans online and on the radio have been harsher than that.

Too much too soon? Maybe, though that’s what fans do, especially when they care. This is, to use Ted Leonsis’s term, a fan base that has been “activated,” and activated fans don’t like to lose to lower-seeded teams four years in a row.

For another perspective, let’s go to my fellow Washington Post contributor LaVar Arrington, who defended Boudreau on his 106.7 The Fan radio show Wednesday afternoon, and then said this:

“To me, there should be nothing but individuals being frustrated, yes, but very supportive of the direction that this team has gone in and where they’re at with their levels of achievement,” LaVar said. “But that’s not the case. And the reality of it is...they’re being perceived as a team that chokes when they get into the playoffs.

“I’m not gonna say that’s an inaccurate assessment, but what I will say is, like the last caller said, championship fans do have a certain way about them, and they handle things a certain way. And calling into our show, putting down the team and putting down Boudreau because they’re struggling in the second round of the [playoffs] isn’t championship-caliber fans.”