I said this to a friend the other day, so I’ll say it here: I care more about the Mavs-Heat series than any sporting event involving no D.C. or gambling interests I can remember. To the point it makes my heart beat fast, raises my blood pressure and causes me to anxiously clutch lucky amulets to my breast.

Is it because I want to see the Abe Lincoln tattoo kissing the Larry O’Brien? Because Brendan Haywood once told me jokes? Because LeBron smirked so many times inside Verizon Center that the image left smirkish residue on the walls?

I have no idea. But watching LeBron draw this completely bogus foul on Brendan Haywood brought back so many memories, and filled my gall bladder with so many exploding celery stalks worth of anti-Heat hysteria, that the end result was worthy of a celebration in my household. And I don’t celebrate much.

In fact, Michael Jenkins from Comcast SportsNet did a pretty good job of capturing my emotions. See below.

Kyle Weidie used words instead of laughter. This is what he wrote:

LeBron is a villain, and I’ve spent a lot of pixels communicating this. And I will continue to do so. LeBron is a fact of life....Rooting against the villain isn’t hating, it’s simply experiencing a different tingle of excitement by taking an interest in an act opposite to our inherent comfort zones, rooting for the hero. Win or lose, LeBron is our villain, and that’s OK.

Also, hahahahahaha.

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