Caps owner Ted Leonsis sat down with Comcast SportsNet before Thursday night’s loss to the Penguins. Julie Donaldson asked the owner where the pressure now falls: on George McPhee, on the players or on new coach Dale Hunter. 

“No, I think it’s organizational: the franchise,” Leonsis said, “starting with me and Dick and George McPhee, and now our coach and his new staff and all the players. Success has lots of people saying that they’re responsible, and failure, no one wants to take blame. But my experience is that it’s organizations that win and lose. And I have to have culpability in it too; something we were doing this year wasn’t working, and it’s painful. I mean, I think we have a good team. I thought we crafted a good offseason, and we had big big expectations. Frankly, we’re not playing very well, and Dale has his hands full.”