Ted Leonsis is famously optimistic about the prospects of his sports franchises, for example, predicting that the Caps will make the playoffs 10 or 15 years in a row.

The owner has also long been bullish on the Nats’ prospects, repeatedly saying and writing that the local baseball franchise is doing things the right way. Still, he kind of took it up another notch this week with a blog post about Stephen Strasburg’s return.

In the next few years they will become the team to beat in the East; they are young; loaded with talent and with great young pitching. Dynamic young stars; and they will be a great team for a long time as well; is my prediction. This is gonna be fun being a season ticket holder.

Caps Coach Bruce Boudreau, it turns out, also talked about the Nats this week during an interview with Kirk McEwen on 105.9.

“I love the way the Nats are going,” Boudreau said. “I think we were anticipating that they weren’t going to win the National League pennant this year, but I think they’re really [going] in the right direction, and I certainly am looking forward to next Tuesday.”

This being Washington D.C., Boudreau was also asked for an opinion on Rex vs. Becks. He failed to make news.

“I have no opinion; I just want them to win,” he said. “And whoever starts, it’s great. I think they’ve both looked really good in preseason, quite frankly. And I think it’ll be a tough call to make on who’s gonna be the starter.”