(Susan Walsh/AP)

Then, of course, the draft started, and the Wizards didn’t make a trade.

Ted Leonsis blogged the next day that the front office “did have a discussion on moving up in the draft,” but that the price was too high and “and was counter to our plan of hording and using many picks to stock pile young players.” He wrote that the team was asked about selling one of its picks, “but we felt we needed more players and talent and we declined.”

He elaborated on these comments Monday, in an interview with Comcast SportsNet’s Chris Miller.

“We were very surprised at the price” to move up,” Leonsis said. “I mean, to move up a couple of slots, they wanted our 6th, 18th and 34th pick, or 6, 18 and our first-pick next year. And that just seemed off strategy, and I think that’s important, to stay on strategy. And we want young players.

“Who knows how well we’re gonna play next year? That first-round pick next year could be very very valuable. You look at what happened this year, a first-round pick was traded to Cleveland and it ended up winning the ping pong ball and getting the first pick in the draft. So I believe in amassing and keeping first round picks, not trading them. We tried to buy another one, but there weren’t any sellers.”