Josh LeRibeus is quickly becoming one of my favorite Redskins.

 In an interview on 106.7 The Fan over the weekend, LeRibeus let the “S-word” slip. Not a big deal but a no-no on live radio. Rich Campbell of the Washington Times playfully called attention to it and LeRibeus’s mom reacted on Twitter (!!!).

Way to go son! #proudmom RT @Rich_Campbell: So LeRibeus just casually said “sh*t” live on The Fan? Haha.

— Debbie (@rosesandcyanide) April 28, 2012

On Monday, LeRibeus went on The Fan again, this time to talk with Holden and Danny, and again he let the “S-word” fly during a conversation about meeting Mike Shanahan.

 The radio hosts had to use their delay so you won’t hear the curse on the audio, but they did call him out for it afterward. LeRibeus, thinking they were talking about his previous transgression, tried to explain.

 LeRibeus: “I didn’t even know I had said it, and then as soon as I hung up the phone, my mom was like, what the…”

 Holden: “No, you just said it. You literally just said it on this show.”

 LeRibeus: “Oh”

 The entire audio is below and it’s worth listening to because it made me laugh so hard I cried. The hilarity starts around the 5:05 mark.

 If you keep listening, you’ll also learn a few more things that we can add to the list of what we already know about the personable guard.

On blocking ...

Early in the interview, Holden asked if there is anything he can do better than RGIII.

“I can obviously block a 300 pound lineman better than he can,” said LeRibeus.

The hosts point out that he can only assume that unless he and RGII go head to head in some sort of blocking competition.

“I don’t think they’ll give him that chance in camp,” he replied. “I highly doubt he’ll get that opportunity.”

He also said that it doesn’t matter which of the drafted quarterbacks gets the start.

LeRibeus: “Whoever’s behind me, I’m blocking for.”

Holden: “Even Rex Grossman?”

LeRibeus: “Even Rex Grossman” 

On his girlfriend, who he met at a party a year ago ...

When asked what his pick-up line was, LeRibeus admitted that he didn’t use one and isn’t sure why she agreed to go out with him.

“I wouldn’t say my game is up to par with most people’s. I’m not sure what influence was there. But I’m ecstatic. It’s all worked out well, so I won’t question how it started.”

He also said that the relationship started after getting his weight under control.

“This was in my transitioning down phase, so I was about 320 I guess. She wouldn’t have talked to me at 380.”  

On how he gained the weight in the first place ...

“There’s this place down here called Dickey’s. They have a thing where you can get all the veggies you want, and by veggies I mean mac ’n cheese and mashed potatoes.”