Nothing really livens up a work day like listening to two sports figures argue about a labor dispute. And thus, let me present highlights of Brian Mitchell vs. Mike Wise, from Friday’s 106.7 The Fan airwaves. This has something to do with Mitchell believing that Wise was placing undue blame for the continued NFL work stoppage on the players side.

Wise: “You’re coming from a more biased standpoint than I am.”

Mitchell: “I’m coming from a standpoint of knowing what the hell I’m talking about. You’re coming from a standpoint of reading what the hell you see and you take it as fact.”


Wise: “So you think all the media’s biased against the players now, you think all the media’s biased.”

 Mitchell: “See, don’t put words in my mouth, Mike.”

 Wise: “Then what are you saying? You just put words in mine.”

 Mitchell: I’m talking about Mike Wise directly, I didn’t say a damn thing about all the media. Ok? If I thought all the media [were biased], I would say it. I’m not one that’s gonna say some stuff that I don’t believe in. I’m saying YOU are taking it from what you’re just hearing. You don’t know all the facts of it. So if you don’t want to cover it, don’t make any damn comments....You’re trying to be funny. You’re funny. You always try throw out them comments that you do all the time, and it’s not funny to me, buddy.”

Then they talked over each other for 20 seconds, and then B-Mitch hung up. Lockout lockout lockout.