On the one hand, you have the anonymous players The Post talked to, who said that the defensive coordinator would “hook you up a little bit” if you “took the star player out” from the other team.

On the other hand, there are players like Fred Smoot — who said “I never saw anyone paid for knocking someone out of the game.”

Monday, London Fletcher took his place among the latter group, telling the NFL Network that what happened in New Orleans was apparently different than what happened in D.C.

“Gregg is very remorseful about everything that happened down with New Orleans and the situation there,” said Fletcher, who has talked to Williams since the scandal broke. “He’s admitted his role there, but I think he’s disheartened by everything else that’s coming out about the alleged bounties in Washington and also in Buffalo.

“He was my head coach in Buffalo, my defensive coordinator in Washington. I’ve known him for over 10 years. I was extremely shocked to hear his role in this whole bounty thing, because never at any point in time through the course of my relationship with Gregg Williams — either as my head coach or my defensive coordinator in Washington — did he ever get in front of us as a group and say I’m gonna give you X amount of dollars to go out and injure a player. He never did that, nor has any other coach that I’ve ever played for ever done that.”

Fletcher was then asked about the reports from ex-Redskins that Williams indeed paid out cash for taking players out.

“I haven’t heard any player in particular say that there were bounties during Gregg Williams’s time in Washington,” Fletcher said. “I have heard about an incentive pool that they had amongst players, and that’s not uncommon around the National Football League. You hear that goes on all the time, where a guy may offer a guy 100 bucks if he goes and gets a tackle inside the 20, or a running back an incentive if he gets over 100 yards rushing, an incentive for a guy if he gets interceptions, things like that.

“That happens all the time around the National Football League, and it’s not unique to Gregg Williams, it’s not unique to the Washington Redskins, the Buffalo Bills, the New Orleans Saints. That happens throughout the league.”

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