“Well, I’ll listen to R&B and mostly Christian music and stuff like that, but I’ll listen to some Jay-Z and Kanye West. But only the edited versions. I don’t like to get cussed out listening to my songs. I’m an older guy on the team, so for me to listen to Jay-Z and Kanye Wet, that kind of shocks some of the guys. And because it’s the edited version, they’ll get on me about that.”

And if there was any question about what a team captain who listens to edited rap would be doing on his off day, Fletcher took kids from MacFarland Middle School to the Hill to hang out with Sen. Sherrod Brown and pose for photos in front of the Capitol Building and then go to the Adams Morgan Harris Teeter to shop for healthy foods. More photos at his Facebook page.

(More Sporting News answers from Fletcher at Hogs Haven, where he says that people at the Pro Bowl asked him why he was playing so hard. And in the print edition story, Fletcher says if he had to share a studio apartment with any current or former Redskin, he’d choose Sam Huff, because they both “want to destroy the opponent; we don’t like anybody on the opposing team.”)