Now, I sort of noted once how LaRon Landry appeared to fake a preseason injury, but I’m not sure I’ve ever heard London Fletcher talk about injury fakery. He’s apparently opposed.

“Me personally, no I’ve never faked an injury,” Fletcher told the NFL Network this week. “I don’t want to come out of the game so I’m not going to do that. We don’t coach that here in Washington.”

Then it was pointed out to Fletcher that he’s played in other places than Washington during his career.

“Whether a guy may get tired and he may do something to get himself a breather, I don’t know,” Fletcher said. “That’s not something I’ve ever done.”

Fletcher was also asked about DeAngelo Hall and Romo’s Ribs.

“That’s D-Hall,” Fletcher said. “He’s a competitive guy. It’s no different than if you have a guy who may have an injury going into a game or during a game; you have a corner who’s hurt a little bit, obviously the offense is going to go at him. If you have a sub coming into the game in a critical situation, you’re going to go after that guy. With D-Hall, what he said is that it’s obvious that Tony Romo, he’s banged up. We want to hit the quarterback as much as possible. Do you want to intentionally hurt somebody? No. But do we want to get a bunch of hats on him? Absolutely.”