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He did, however, praise Manning extensively, in case that interests you.

“I’ve competed against Peyton Manning,” Fletcher said on Tuesday. “We both entered the league in 1998, came in the same year. The thing I know about Peyton — and Bill Polian would tell you this — you don’t become that good without being driven, extremely driven, extremely competitive.

“And what’s happening right now is Peyton in his mind is being doubted. People are doubting his ability to come back and perform at the extremely high level that he’s always played at. And there’s no doubt in my mind that wherever Peyton plays football next year, he will have a phenomenal year, because of his mind, his mindset, his drive to be the best football player that he is.”

Fletcher didn’t speculate on whether that could be Washington, and indeed, there’s no guarantee that he pending free agent himself will be back in D.C. next year, although Bruce Allen told the team’s Web site that “we’re gonna take care of business” and “we want our captain back.”

“I’d like to be back,” he told Alex Marvez and Polian on Tuesday. “You know, I went to sign with Washington back in ‘07, I was going into I think my 10th season, and I don’t think they thought I’d play as well as I’ve played for as long as I’ve played. Fortunately I’ve been able to continue to play at a high level playing out that contract, and I would love to go back to Washington.

“Obviously it’s a business, so it’ll take some time to get done, but we both want to get a deal done. But we’ll see what happens....If the opportunity presents itself where I do reach free agency starting March 13, I’ll look at any and all situations and kind of weigh offers that may come my way.”


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