(Tony Gutierrez/AP)

“Sooner or later somebody’s gonna [bleeping] figure it out,” Hall said of the blitz that had previously worked in the game. “You don’t have to be a [bleeping] rocket scientist to figure it out after a while.”

For a different approach to discussing this play, please observe London Fletcher, talking to Comcast SportsNet’s Kelli Johnson.

“Yeah, we came with an all-out blitz,” Fletcher said. “They went max protection, slid their line. [Tony Romo] was able to buy a little bit more time than we would like for him to have. The receiver I think ran a stop route, and then once he saw Romo still had the ball he just adjusted his route. It’s a tough call, a tough route against that 0 blitz.”

And nary a curse word. Then Johnson asked Fletcher about how well the Washington defense had played.

“You know, their defense just made more plays than we did tonight,” he said. “They came up with a couple more plays than we did. We really needed to make one more play defensively to win this ballgame, but we didn’t.”

Like I said, different media approach. Meanwhile, Dez Bryant discussed that crucial play with the Cowboys’ Web site.

“I was supposed to [run] some kind of quick route because of the blitz,” Bryant said. “And D-Hall, it was good coverage. I’m just standing there. Tony getting blitzed. I stand there, because I think he needs somebody to dump the ball off to, and Tony tells me to run upfield, so I did it. And next thing you know I turn around, I see the ball up in the air. I just had to snatch it. I didn’t care if D-Hall was behind me or not, I just had to block him out and snatch it. Hey, I give all the credit to Tony, and I give credit to God....I seen the ball up in the air and I had to go get it. ”