London Fletcher is spending an entire day doing interviews in Bristol. Not as noteworthy as Vinny Cerrato doing the same, but lookit, you work with what ya got.

Fletcher started with Mike and Mike, who asked him to sum up the past season in D.C.

“Frustrating,” Fletcher said. “But with all the dysfunction that we had going on this year, actually last year was better than the previous three years, if you can believe that. You know, Coach Shanahan, he’s come in and he’s set a standard, a foundation of the way he wants to do things. We’ve embraced that as leaders and players. Obviously with the Haynesworth thing, that saga that took place pretty much the whole year, and then with McNabb and his situation, those two things were situations that you don’t want to have going on on your football team. Obviously with Donovan, we felt like that would be a great situation, bringing in a guy like him. He’s a perennial Pro Bowl player, has taken his teams to several NFC championship games, even to the Super Bowl. So we weren’t anticipating what happened with Donovan this year.”

Then Fletcher was asked how quickly the Redskins can move past the dual Haynesworth/McNabb distractions.

“It just depends on how and when this CBA thing gets worked out,” he said. “If it’s early in the offseason, then you can get those situations ironed out sooner rather than later. If the CBA and the lockout goes into late summer or even into the season, then your hands are tied as far as what the team can do in addressing those two situations.”

Listen to the rest of the interview here.