Kedric Golston and Redskins teammates do pilates at the team’s practice bubble. (Courtesy The Studio -mind.body.soul)

The Redskins teammates, who own The Studio – Mind.Body.Soul in Ashburn, became certified in TRX pilates during the offseason.

“I started doing pilates, probably about five years ago because it works on your core strength and flexibility,” Golston explained. “Traditional free weights and things like that are hard on your joints. After you finish the NFL season, you need to stay in shape but you need to allow your joints to recover. So I started doing it and really just fell in love with what it does for your body.”

Both players are well aware that some people think pilates is for women, but they hope to change that.

“Obviously there’s a lot of stigma to it, for me, too, until I got in there and figured out that it was a great workout ,” Alexander told me. “So we’re using ourselves as guinea pigs, showing other men that we’re doing it, we’re promoting it.”

“It doesn’t matter how much you squat or how much you bench,” Golston added. “If your core isn’t able to handle that power then it’s all irrelevant.”

Golston and Alexander credit their wives for the success of the business.

“I can’t take nearly as much credit as my wife and Lorenzo’s wife, the amount of hours they put in there just getting programs set up and things like that,” Golston said.

As far as the pilates, Alexander says it’s catching on. The Redskins have made it a part of their training routine and some of the players have trained in the studio with Golston and Alexander.

“The Redskins thought it was good enough for one of our trainers to come [to Redskins Park] and do it as well,” he said. “The more you educate people about it, get the word out there and kinda break down that stigma that it’s soft and just for women, the more I think men will be willing to do it.”

Kedric Golston and Lorenzo Alexander lead a TRX workout at the studio. (Courtesy The Studio - mind.body.soul)