“It was actually pretty hectic for me,” Alexander said. “I obviously did all the training, gone through the combines, interviewing agents, and a lot of people are telling you a lot of good things. For me, it was a lot of anticipation. We had a draft party at my uncle’s house, we was thinking I was maybe going in the third round, second or third round and I had to sit around watching the whole draft and never got drafted, so it was definitely a hard time in my career, being told that nobody wants you.”

Tom Brady once admitted that when he had to wait for six rounds to hear his name, he cried. Wise asked Alexander if he was the same way when he went undrafted in 2006.

“I went out and did a little partying and kinda did it a little different way. But I definitely didn’t break down and cry,” Alexander said.

“When I got cut, though, my first time in Carolina I cried, so I understand exactly where he’s coming from. You know, as a professional athlete, even the best and the brightest in your sport growing up since the age of five, to get to a level where someone tells you you’re not good enough or we don’t want you is definitely a hard thing to swallow.”

Alexander said that we was able to hold the tears in the coach’s office after he got cut in Carolina, but cried while signing his papers.

“I don’t know why coaches aren’t just honest with you. You know, so if you say, ‘You’re a great player,’ and all this, ‘You’ve done a great job but the only thing is, is that you’re too short.’ So I’m like okay, I can’t fix that I’m too short. Why would you even bring me in here, I was 6’1, 6’2, when I got here. Stuff like that is hard to swallow, instead of just saying ‘We don’t think you’re good enough,’ or ‘It’s politics.’”

We can also add Alexander to the short list of people who can believe that Jabar Gaffney’s Twitter feed was, indeed, hacked.

“As far as Jabar, if you ever know him or get a chance to meet this guy and hang out with him for an extended period of time, that was so unlike him,” Alexander said. “I mean, I definitely believe his Twitter got hacked because he’s too chill of a guy to kind of react like that, especially publicly. I mean, that’s the last thing he would ever do, as far as me knowing him.”

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