(Jeff Roberson/AP)

Lorenzo Alexander: The respected special teams star talked to CSN Washington’s Jennifer X. Williams a few weeks ago, and was surprisingly blunt about Peyton.

“You know, I respect Peyton Manning and his body of work and everything he’s done,” Alexander said. “But any time you’re dealing with a neck and back injury — even if the doctors clear you — it just really worries me. Even if he takes one hit or falls funny, we’re talking about his life now, his livelihood, being able to play with his kids, and that goes way beyond football. So I wouldn’t like to see him come here, just because I’m unsure about a neck.

“And also the Redskins haven’t had a good history of bringing in other peoples’ stars and having them do well here. So with those two things working together, I’d rather see our front office go young.”

Torry Holt: The former NFL wide receiver and NFL Network analyst named Washington when asked which franchise would not be a fit for Manning.

“We talked about this in the production meeting, the Washington Redskins were the team that came out,” he said. “What Shanahan asks from his quarterbacks, he likes for them to get outside of the pocket, throw outside of the pocket. Peyton Manning, in my opinion, is a true pocket quarterback type passer in the National Football League. He has been for a long time. So to ask him to do that, I’m sure they would try to make those adjustments.

“But an RGIII is someone who comes to mind when you talk about the Washington Redskins — an athletic quarterback who has a big arm that can also make guys miss in the open field....Peyton Manning in Washington is, in my opinion, not a good fit. He can fit anywhere, [but] I don’t think Washington will give it a shot.”

Clinton Portis: Hey, I’ve quoted Portis on everything else, might as well quote what he told ESPN 980 about Manning’s possible move to anywhere else.

“My take is I think a healthy Peyton Manning is one of the top two, top three quarterbacks in the NFL,” Portis said. “He’s gonna have the same dilemma that I had: leaving an organization that you put everything on the line for, that you gave your heart to, that you played blood sweat and tears for. And all of the sudden, the minute that they realize that you can’t do it or can’t perform the same way that you were performing, it’s like ok, we’ve got to separate, and go separate ways....

“You’ve got guys who are so familiar with teams that it’s hard to just move on and go and play the same way, but a healthy Peyton Manning, every team in the NFL should want him if he’s healthy.”


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