(Richard A. Lipski/For The Washington Post)

Lorenzo went on the radio with Chad Dukes and LaVar Arrington on Wednesday and revealed that he’s been preparing to take some snaps at tight end.

“I may be taking a couple here and there. They’ve got me over there learning some of the tight end position. But it’s more so being ready like I was last year, instead of just throwing me in there when somebody got hurt. It’s more about just having me mentally ready, mentally sharp, so I can go in there and still do the same type of job that Darrel Young or Chris Cooley would do at fullback or that tiger tight end position.”

Yes, but how does he look in tights?

When the conversation turned to Robert Griffin III (naturally), Lorenzo admitted that the players have some realistic expectations about what it means to have a rookie quarterback, even if it is RGIII.

“He is a rookie and he is gonna make mistakes. People scheme rookies, they don’t really respect rookie quarterbacks and they’re gonna make it hard for him. So he is gonna have some mistakes, some turnovers. But I think with his resolve and his, I guess, calmness that he has is gonna allow him to go to the next level and get past those turnovers and whatever mistakes me makes and continue to become a better quarterback.”

Here is the full interview . . .


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