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“Come on, you’re playing like the Wizards!” an angry fan reportedly screamed during Tuesday night’s Caps game.

The point of this particular item, though, is to spotlight the frustration of Luke Russert, the MSNBC correspondent and longtime Wizards season ticket holder. I mean, this franchise has very few well-known supporters. When one of them chooses, unprompted, to call into Mike Wise and Holden Kushner’s radio show — on the Wizards’ official radio network — and call this year’s squad an abomination, that’s not good.

“I had to throw in my two cents here as a Wizards season ticket holder,” Russert said on Tuesday. “My family has [had seats] since 1994. There have been a lot of bad Wizards teams since 1994. This one is so fundamentally awful, I can’t give the tickets away. I couldn’t give my tickets away for [Monday]’s game. That’s the first time that’s ever happened to me as a Washington Wizards fan.

“And Nick Young, ok, literally, does one thing. He runs to the wing and sits there. That’s all he does. He doesn’t try to react to the ball, doesn’t try to pass, doesn’t try to rebound. I have never seen dysfunction like I’ve seen on the court with the Wizards this year. They’re an embarrassment and I don’t know how it gets better.

“I mean, this is not even a three-year deal; this is a six- or seven-year deal, because which veteran in their right mind is gonna want to sign with this team? They better get a hell of a draft pick next year to go along with Wall, but this is an abomination. I don’t see how they get better from this.”

Russert went on to say that his mom hasn’t decided if she wants to go to a single game this year. And she’s a season-ticket holder!

“We get the number one pick, we get some big man, pair him up with Wall, but where is the way forward?” Russert asked. “I mean, this team — Andray, Nick Young, McGee — they were supposed to be these young cornerstones. No one has a basketball IQ. I like Singleton and Booker; what else is there besides Singleton and Booker and Wall?”

Um. Shelvin Mack?

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