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I don’t usually write about high school sports, but when then-Madison sophomore Andy McGuire fielded a kickoff, ran into his own goalpost, fell down and made SportsCenter in the fall of 2010, I wrote about it.

Lots of other people did, too. The YouTube highlight got nearly 800,000 views, and the blooper was also featured on Huffington Post, FanHouse, Prep Rally and many other sites.

Well, 18 months later, here is McGuire, featured on NBC Washington for being the top junior baseball prospect in Virginia, and — according to NBC — the first player from the state to get a baseball scholarship to Texas. His high school coach says he’s projected as a first-round pick in the MLB draft next year.

And also for once running into a goal-post and getting on SportsCenter.

(Plus, you can see the legendary Mark “PudgeGjormand interviewed on camera.)