“When I hurt my foot, I was like, ‘Alright, whatever.’ I got upset a little bit,” he told Mike Jones, “but then I was like, ‘It is what it is.’ Nobody had to tell me. I’m smart enough.”

That’s pretty much how we all felt, I think. It was upsetting. It was unfortunate. It was life. It was what it was.

But it turns out that Kelly also appeared on the LaVar and Dukes Show on Tuesday, where he suggested that it actually wasn’t what it was. Or it was what it wasn’t. Something like that, for sure.

“Everybody thought I was milking my injury, doing this and doing this, when I don’t even know if the whole thing came out,” Kelly said. “There was a whole different story with that thing going on. People thought oh well I just don’t want to practice, or I don’t want to go through training camp because I don’t feel like practicing, I’m just milking my injury, I’m not really passionate, when really that was a whole ‘nother situation going on. And I’m not gonna get into that situation. Some people know that situation, some people don’t. I’m not gonna get into that.”

Intriguing. LaVar agreed.

“Do you think the whole not alluding to the other thing, do you think that that can clear something up at this point?” he asked. “Is that something that you feel would, if it comes out, will vindicate the situation a little bit more, or provide a different type of light on the situation as to how people are viewing the situation with you?....Do you feel like that would justify anything? Is it so serious that you’ve really got to keep it? How does that work?”

At which point Kelly unleashed a long and pained sigh.

“You know what man, I think it’s pretty difficult,” the receiver said. “I’ll tell you what, LaVar, I’ll tell you what, I’ll put it like this: I’m gonna give it a couple of days, and you have my word, y’all have my number and I have your number, in a couple of days I will give you a ring and I will give you the entire rundown. But I’ve got to wait a couple of days, see how everything is, see how I’m feeling, try to feel everything out. But I can guarantee you that even from past stuff, stuff ain’t what it seems, man, and I think you know that.”

Still intriguing. LaVar still agreed. Playing amateur sleuth, he speculated that there must have been an issue with the treatment or maintenance of Kelly’s health problems.

“I’m gonna put it like this man, and you know this from playing: nobody knows your body like you know your body,” Kelly said. “So just because on this sheet of paper it says oh well, if I don’t see this, then there’s no way that that’s what’s wrong with your body. No, that’s not the case. If I tell you something is wrong with my body, I know what’s going on in the inside of my body.

“I’m not going on somebody touching me, grabbing me, feeling this, now they can tell me this is what’s wrong. I’m saying that when I say something is wrong with me, and then we look deeper and actually find out that oh, well yeah, this dude wasn’t lying, something is actually wrong with this dude, ok well maybe we need to do this a little bit different, God this dude wasn't lying to us the whole time. That’s all I’m saying. And like I said, I will fill you in more on that in the next coming days.”

Intriguing. Mysterious. Baffling. Vague. Suspenseful. Though the beat writers don’t seem to be waiting on the edge of their seats.

In that @1067thefandc interview, Malcolm Kelly said there’s lot more to story re. his injuries and he’s eager to share it. But not yet.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet ReplyRick Maese

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