“I agree with Ben,” Chris Reams added. “The biggest issue is winning, and as the Nats win more, hopefully we’ll be part of a sea of freaks.”

Well, the team is winning more, and if there’s a sea of freaks coming, Goodhue will be a part of it.

Goodhue and Reams, you might recall, used to dress like donkeys in honor of Adam Dunn. Now, the former has moved on to a new costume.

“Back in late February/early March I woke up one morning with the great idea to celebrate Morse by dressing up like a beast,” Goodhue explained in an e-mail. “It seemed like a recognizable character that kids would like and it was more than loosely tied to the team. I was actually thinking that three of us would be the X-men Beast, the Disney Beast, and a can of Milwaukee’s Best. I quickly e-mailed Reams to bounce it off him. He loved the idea. When Morse said the Beast was coming back in a video three weeks ago, this inspired me even more.”

As for the costume, Morse’s injury and long layoff caused some procrastination, so 90 percent of the work was done from May 25 through Monday night. Goodhue reported that at least four of the past seven nights, he slept less than three hours due to sewing responsibilities. Clearly he should be on Project Runway.

The hair is made of two wigs and some ears. The clothes came from thrift stores.

“The original plan was to do the purple caped version of the Beast, but this idea was scrapped when I found the blue jacket hanging on a rack at the Glebe Road Goodwill,” he explained. “The main jacket used to be a Women’s XL trench coat that I sliced up. (The cuffs are made from other parts of the jacket) All of the yellow accenting/piping and yellow vest are made from an old Fort Belvoir work shirt. The fur on the hands, tail and legs is from Jo-Ann Fabric.

“I’d estimate that I spent 50 hours-plus on it. I stabbed myself with a needle at least 250 times. My beautiful wife painted the buttons and attached the hair bow in the back.”

Amazing. Just amazing. If that isn’t worth at least a free slice of Flippin’ Pizza and some complimentary Natitude-flavored Gelato, I don’t know what is.

As for the other two beast costumes, production has yet to begin.

“I asked one of our friends if he would be interested in wearing a yellow gown to the games,” Goodhue noted. “He hasn’t responded yet.”

Well, he better respond in a hurry, because that would be swell. Heck, if no one else steps up, I’ll accompany the Beast while wearing a yellow gown.

(Note: No I won’t.)

(Images found by @RecordsAndRadio, who finds everything.)

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