What would he do with his freedom?

The Montana Kaimin reported:

“I want to go out; I want to see the colors and smells of a shopping mall; I want to go hunting and fishing; I want to drive my truck; I want to see the Washington Redskins play the Cowboys.”

If Beach is bailed out, he will put on his No. 28 Washington Redskins Darrell Green jersey and walk out of the jail where he is temporarily held. Without handcuffs, he will raise his hands in the air just as he has always dreamed.

Darrell Green is Beach’s favorite football player because he is close to the same age and was drafted to the NFL in 1983 — the same year Beach went to prison. Also, Beach could be released after 28 years — the same number Green wore.

Sure enough, Beach was released on Wednesday, and “emerged from jail about 20 minutes later wearing jeans and a Washington Redskins jersey for Hall of Fame cornerback Darrell Green,” according to the Great Falls Tribune.

“Beach said it was no coincidence that Green’s number, 28, also was the number of years he spent behind bars,” the Tribune reported.

This screenshot comes from that paper’s raw video.

(Via Reader SB.)