(Photos courtesy Bob McDonald.)

“A life-long Washington Capitals fan, Bob has sung the national anthem at Caps hockey games for over 16 years,” his Web site reads. “Fans love his rich baritone voice, his signature ‘fist pump,’ and his cutaway-tuxedo-to-Caps-jersey antics during the playoffs.”

Well, meet him now in another D.C. sports role: as awesome Redskins-representing provocateur.

McDonald — an announcer and non-commissioned officer in charge of The United States Army Chorus — wrote on Twitter Wednesday morning that he was “about to have my VIP tour of Cowboys stadium...in my RGIII jersey.”

Then he sent along the photos to prove it. These are photos to cherish.

And yes, I’ve previously seen and even posted photos of Redskins fans in Redskins jerseys inside Cowboys Stadium, but this is the first RGIII invasion I’ve seen evidence of.

See more images below.