Manny Acta helped bring Jim Riggleman to Washington as the Nats’ bench coach, and then saw Riggleman take his job after Acta was fired. Then Riggleman up and left, and now Acta is again a Major League manager, and Riggleman, again, is not.

And so, with Acta doing an All-Star break interview with Comcast SportsNet, he was naturally asked for his reaction to Riggleman quitting D.C.

“My reaction to the Jim situation was it was sad to see him go, because he’s a good friend of mine,” Acta told Julie Donaldson. “I really like Jim, and he was very good to me when we were there together. But I don’t know all the details about it. He knows the situation that he was in. It was just sad to see him go, especially how well the team was playing at that time.”

Donaldson also asked Acta how closely he follows the Nats, now that he’s fighting for a playoff spot in a different league.

“You can’t stop following the places where you’ve been because you’re always going to be grateful. I would always follow the Mets, I would always follow the Houston Astros and I would always follow the Nationals, because I still have friends over there. And I follow them, I wish them the best. I went through a normal situation, which is a rebuilding. That’s what happens when you go into a rebuilding. Everybody at the beginning has that patience, knowing that you’re going to lose, but once you start losing for two years it’s time to make changes. So I have no hard feelings whatsoever. I landed in a very good spot, and I’m very happy to be here.”