Co-host Chuck Thies got things started by asking Barry about his hopes for the Robert Griffin III era.

“The Redskins, even before Dan Snyder, have not had what we call in the business a franchise quarterback,” Barry said. “Look at Brady. Look at other people. They bring not only good ballplaying, but they bring a flair. Look at Joe Montana. We’ve never had that. I think the last one we had was Doug Williams....

“It creates some energy,” he continued. “Whereas now, we’ve just been meandering through. We tried a couple people who didn’t work out. We tried some has-beens who didn’t work out. But now I do think we’re gonna at least get to the playoffs. I think that’s realistic.”

Thies then pointed out that Redskins fans believe that to be a realistic goal every August.

“Every year, whether the Redskins are up or down or in or out,” Barry agreed.

Moments later, the show’s other co-host, Eugene Kinlow, brought the topic back to the Redskins.

“Can you reach out to RGIII and ask him to move to Washington D.C.?” he asked Barry.

“I’m gonna reach out to him,” Barry promised. “Whether he moves to Washington D.C. or not, I don’t know. I’d like to have him here.”

“I mean, we’ve got great neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.,” Kinlow said, which is true, but sort of irrelevant.

“Absolutely we do,” Barry agreed.

“He deserves this,” Kinlow said.

“He deserves to do that,” Barry agreed. “We have great neighborhoods, we have great people here. But most of the Redskins don’t live in Washington. Some of them live in Virginia because that’s where the training camp was.”

Well, and also because that’s where they work.

“And the taxes are lower,” Thies noted.

“They don’t worry about that,” Barry said. “As much money as they make, they don’t worry about that.”


“That’s right, he wants to be in a place that’s hot and exciting,” Kinlow said, which also isn’t true. “We can bring him to Gallery Place.”

“Bring him to Ward 8,” Thies suggested.

“No, we’ll bring him to U Street, to Ben’s Chili Bowl, and down to Busboys and Poets at 14th and V,” Barry promised. “There are a lot of wonderful restaurants here.”

“So you’ll give him a tour?” Kinlow asked. “So if RGIII comes to Washington, D.C. he’ll get a personal tour by Marion Barry?”

“That’s right,” Barry agreed. “Absolutely....I’m gonna get on that today, and see [if there’s] anyway I can make it [happen].”