But it does, and not just because you might get a photo of Barry with Don King. No, Barry will also say the Redskins will lasso the Cowboys yet, and then compare the home team to Jesus.

By the way, this Hall-of-Fame worthy pair of Tweets (sent to me by Reader Karl) had me searching through the archives to see what else Barry might have said about the Cowboys. My search stopped when I got to The Post’s coverage of the 1981 Welcome Home Luncheon, which included a few quotes that were ok.

Jack Kent Cooke: “There is a crazy rumor going around that owners don’t give a damn about winning because they are too bloody busy counting their shekels. I can tell you the rumor is full of bilge, bunkum and hogwash. I want to win, I want to win badly. And I can tell you I hardly have been kept busy counting the shekels coming in because of the Redskins. So don’t believe any of that absolutely bloody nonsense that you might hear.”

Edward Bennett Williams: “Being president of the Redskins is really a microcosm of life. With the passage of time, you experience a diminution of power. I have now become a ceremonial appendage. It is now my sole function to introduce the chairman of the board at these homecoming functions...I’ve adjusted completely. I’ve adjusted splendidly. Every night I sleep like a baby. I sleep for an hour and I cry for an hour.”

Jack Kent Cooke: “We want to reach beyond the ultimate. And the ultimate is 16 wins, no defeats and not a bloody point scored against the Redskins. This year, we have to settle for less.”

Marion Barry: Earlier in the luncheon, Mayor Marion Barry said that he wanted to make a wager with the mayor of Dallas about the season-opening game against the Cowboys, because “this team is going to beat the hell out of them this year.” He asked the players not to let him down, because “this city doesn’t have a lot of money and we can’t afford to lose any of it.”

Jack Kent Cooke: He said he thought Washington would have a “good year. But notice, I’m not saying a great year, because we are rebuilding with youth. It will bear fruit in time to come.”