After did a lengthy story about Lederer’s battle, the story was picked up by Huffington Post and SB Nation DC, among others, in each case illustrated by an iconic shot of Lederer in his hospital bed, flexing at the world.

The pose, Lederer told Patch, came from a mildly “drugged-up” state, but was supposed to reassure his friends that they should stop worrying about him. From the story:

Hundreds, if not more, friends and supporters of Lederer have posed in pictures of themselves on Facebook and Tumblr “Zaching,” the word people use to describe the strongman pose inspired by Zach.

Those include: his sister Julia Lederer, a 16-year-old junior at Centennial High; Craig Robinson, the actor who plays “Darryl” from The Office television show; Del. Liz Bobo, Lederer’s grandmother; the 7th Marine Regiment based in California; countless young women—in sororities, dance marathons and in South Miami; police officers from the Howard County Police Department; babies, dogs, sport teams; families posing in their kitchens--and the chefs from Sushi Sono in downtown Columbia.

Photos of people ‘Zaching’ have come from across the nation, ranging from the Rockefeller Center to Indiana University to Long Reach High School.

Now comes Mark Turgeon, in the same pose. On Twitter, Turgeon wrote that he wants “everyone to keep Zach Lederer in your thoughts and prayers. Zach is a student manager for our team. Zach was recently diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. He is a phenomenal kid. His strength and positivity will help him prevail again.”

Then the coach encouraged everyone else to join him in Zaching. And seriously, read this story if you want to see a kid who’s doing it right.

(The Post previously wrote about Lederer, when he was a football player at Centennial.)