Here, for example, was a dispatch last week from WJFK’s Brendan Darr, who was at the Columbia event:

[Mark] Turgeon mentioned that the team would be getting new uniforms, but “not as fancy as everyone else.” Team will be adding a “Pride” uniform.

Turgeon’s team will be adding new shoes and added “They are out my comfort zone.” My guess is similar to this.

Oooh boy. Turns out Turgeon had been on WNST in Baltimore a few days prior, talking at slightly greater length about the new uniforms.

“We will have some changes,” he told Glenn Clark. “We’ll have a little bit of everything involved. I don’t think we’ll be quite as flashy as the football uniforms or lacrosse, but we will have Pride uniforms. A little bit more lower key, but everybody will know they’re our Pride uniforms.”

Then Clark asked if this meant the uniforms would not jump off the TV the way other Terps threads have in recent months.

“I think Maryland fans will be able to tell right away that it’s a Pride uniform,” Turgeon said. “I think other people it’ll take ‘em a while. But we’re gonna have some classy, really nice uniforms this year. Under Armour has done a great job for us. Kevin Plank, Walker Jones and all the guys over there have done a great job for us. It’s gonna be nice, and it’s something that we didn’t do last year, [that] we wanted to do going into our second year. And we’ll have a lot of different things that we’ll throw at the fans this year.”

Not literally. Though if you threw me a Pride uniform, I’d grab it.

Listen here.


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