“It was a photo shoot I had last year,” he laughed when I asked him about it. “My homegirl Brittany Baham, she has a photo company, so she just told me to sit in a chair and hold a magazine like I’m reading it. She just did everything else. There’s a better one from that shoot. I think I’ll change it today.”

Favorite followed through on the avatar change, although I’m partial to the GQ pose, which also included this inspirational quote.

“Being a successful person isn’t about what you’re doing to be successful, it’s about how hard you are willing to work and what you are driving to give back to your community.” – Marlon Dominique Favorite, Sr.

Your first thought is probably, “Wow, Marlon Favorite’s dad is pretty deep.” But Favorite has a son named Marlon, Jr., which means the Redskin was actually quoting himself.

“I do a little motivational speaking, so I guess at the time the picture was taken that quote was really just what I was feeling at the time,” he explained. “I’m a recording artist as well, so I usually think of stuff that help people help other people.”

About that recording artist thing: Favorite goes by the name “Big Fav” and has a few examples of his work on YouTube, including this ditty he recorded for his alma mater, LSU: