But I have in my hands a press release that says a Maryland ad agency called “RP3 Agency” has now officially changed its name to “RG3 Agency.”

Heck, I took the unprecedented (for me) step of actually picking up my phone and calling someone from the Bethesda firm to try to make sure this was true.

“We got a little excited, what can I tell you?” said Claudia Caplan, who answered the phone. “When you’re fans, you’ve got to be fans.”

(Could the first person with an RGIII tattoo please answer the burgundy courtesy phone? And then send me a photo? Thanks.)

Anyhow, I went to the Web site rg3agency.com, and sure enough, she wasn’t lying. Check the image above. Plus, it turns out one of the agency’s vice presidents is a former captain of the Redskins cheerleaders.

From the release:

It’s official. RP3 Agency is now RG3 Agency. When RP3 was founded in 2009, its three partners — Beth Johnson, Jim Lansbury and Scott Gold — chose the name because they’d evolved the new shop out of the new-defunct Rosenthal Partners. The RP3 moniker has served them well as the agency added clients including Norfolk Southern Corporation, the Nature Conservancy and Tyson’s Corner Center and has grown to 35 employees. With the arrival of Robert Griffin III, however, the partners re-visited the reasons for their choice.

“After all, what does the ‘P’ stand for anyway?” asked Creative Director Jim Lansbury. “Partners. Duh. We’re partners. That doesn’t have nearly the meaning for us, our employees and our clients as RG3.”

Enthused president Beth Johnson, “We’re Redskins fans and we’re excited. Sure, maybe it’s a little impulsive. But we’re committed and we’ve been committed to the team since Day One.”

Now all I’m wondering is whether I get credit for these page views if I’m actually asleep and this is part of a dream. I say yes.