(Photo by Charlie DeBoyace - The Diamondback.)

This past Sunday, the Terps beat No. 4 North Carolina, 1-0, giving them six shutouts — their most since 1972 — and a 5-3 record against ranked teams. And as The Diamondback recently reported, they also have the word “Omaha” stitched into the back of their hats, which is amazing.

“I don’t even think it’s worth putting in your story or putting in the paper,” [manager Erik] Bakich said. “It’s not a big deal. It’s a little thing we have on our hats. It’s something that’s on back of our minds. It’s not something that’s on the front of our minds. We know that’s our long-term goal. That’s the destination of our program, but we’re focused on the journey and the process of getting better every day.”

Fortunately, reporter Daniel Gallen did not agree with Bakich’s news judgment. Read the rest of his story here.

(Photo, as always, by the unstoppable Charlie DeBoyace.)