(via TestudoTimes.com and @UniWatch)

Update, 12:45 p.m.: Maryland’s athletic department released a statement saying the photos were only draft renderings, not the final product.

Via @umterps: “Renderings leaked of potential uniforms are drafts only. Our fans will know when Terps, UA launch Pride for basketball." 

Original post: Testudo Times offered this image of what is said to be leaked renderings of the new Maryland basketball Pride uniforms. According to the blog, they come from a “source inside the athletic department” and the image is from from several months ago.

Maryland reps have not yet responded to our request for comment, so I can’t confirm that this is an accurate depiction. Paul Lukas from Uni Watch, who knows about such things, is calling it a “legit developmental rendering,” so there’s that.

Now that we have the disclaimers out of the way, I would be shocked if the final product didn’t look similar to what we’re looking at here. Earlier in the month, coach Mark Turgeon described the unseen uniforms as such:

“We’ll have a little bit of everything involved. I don’t think we’ll be quite as flashy as the football uniforms or lacrosse, but we will have Pride uniforms. A little bit more lower key, but everybody will know they’re our Pride uniforms.”

That sounds about right.

Dan tackled the issue of the new basketball uniforms and rumored new football field in this week’s Post Sports Live (at the two-minute mark in the video below):