But hey, forget all that and look over here, where the school will brazenly use a Danny O’Brien jersey in an attempt to help sell merchandise in the university book store.

Hahahahahahahaha, just kidding. That’s not a Danny O’Brien jersey. That’s a “Maryland No. 5” jersey. Love “Maryland No. 5.” Great kid. Good head on his shoulders. Not an individual. “Maryland No. 5” is fully committed. The school would let “Maryland No. 5” transfer to any bookstore in this country.

Of course, maybe, as someone suggested on Twitter, this is not a pretend Danny O’Brien jersey. Maybe it’s actually a pretend Albert Reid jersey.

Anyhow, as @JesseYomtov later noted, “that mannequin looks ‘all-in,’ but he IS wearing a hat indoors.”

(Via @Jakob_Engelke)