Still, this is a pretty shocking sight for a non-snow non-break game. I always used to say if I could have season tickets to any one area pro or college team, I’d choose Maryland basketball. Looks like not a lot of people agree with me.

Some reaction from prominent Maryland observers:

Steve Czaban: Top 10 job in CBB....or so some said.

Jakob Engelke: Comcast Center is absolutely deserted -- not going to look good for a national audience on ESPN.

Scott Van Pelt: If I said anything about MD attendance tonight it would only get me into trouble. We had exams, too. C’mon y’all. Honestly.

Patrick Stevens: There’s MAYBE 2,000 people in the arena seating area at Comcast Center more than 10 minutes before tip. Good heavens is this place deserted. In the four sections making up the student wall, there are 16 people. Want a recount? OK. There’s 17, including a guy dressed as Bender.

(Images via Stevens and EB’s World.)