The fan’s note is fairly long, but let me summarize: the former Division I athlete took his 11-year old son to the Maryland opener, because they live near Randy Edsall’s home town. It was his son’s first-ever college football game, and the dad hoped “to show him what intercollegiate athletics was all about.”

After a two-hour drive from Pennsylvania, they entered the stadium, where “there was a loud roar and the chant “[bleep Miami] was deafening....My son looked at me and asked why people were chanting something like this. Not knowing what a father should respond, I stated that it was inappropriate and left it at that.

The experience did not get less vulgar as time went on. Quoting from the note:

The game started and obviously there was much excitement. Within the first 5 minutes of the game, my son shouted yeah over a play that had taken place. Since it was hard to see, his yeah was for a play that Miami did something well. Immediately, a U of MD student turned around and screamed “[Bleep] You” and flicked him the middle finger and almost hit him with it. To that, my response was “How classless. You are using profanity towards an 11-year old boy who just wants to fit in.” Ironically within seconds, there was an announcement stated by many Maryland student-athletes requesting positive sportsmanship over the large screens.

Anyhow, the father wanted someone at Maryland to address students on appropriate behavior, which is why Kevin Anderson forwarded it on to the student body Diamondback, asking students “to please serve as positive examples for our University and our teams.”

Update: Deadspin posted the full message from Anderson to Maryland students. From Anderson’s note:

The type of aggressive and offensive behavior described below paints the University, our teams and every one of us in a bad light and it is not what this world class institution is about. Every coach, student-athlete, fan, staff member and member of our student body has a responsibility to represent our great University with class, dignity and respect. Is this who you really want to be and is this the impression you want the nation to have of us? I know you do not, and now that we are being discussed nationally it is more important than ever to improve our conduct and represent the University of Maryland in the appropriate manner.

Note: A previous version of this item said that Anderson sent the note to the student newspaper, rather than the student body. My mistake. The Diamondback, though, published the note in full online.