If you’ve been to a bunch of Maryland men’s basketball games over the years, and you’ve sat in your seat during halftime, odds are you’ve seen some wacky yet impressive Gymkana performances. Gymkana, of course, being a troupe that showcases “both men’s and women’s gymnastics apparatus routines, as well as novelty circus acts that incorporate the use of chairs, ladders and trampolines,” according to the group’s Web site.

Me, I’m particularly partial to the stuff when people are dressed up like turtles and jumping through hoops that are on fire. Can’t beat halftime fire. See this clip, for example, which I’m pretty sure I witnessed live. In fact, I mentioned Gymkana in my best-ever Terps writing, about a vomiting incident.

Anyhow, Gymkana went primetime on Tuesday night, with an appearance on America’s Got Talent. Sharon Osbourne said it “reminded me of an old Busby Berkeley movie,” which I think was a compliment.

(Via DCist.)