I wish I had much more to add to everyone’s favorite Maryland CRAAAAAZY New Football Field story, but I don’t have a lot. Here’s what I can say.

1) This week, WUSA reported that “the turf being applied to the field will be either black or pewter,” according to “a source within the program.”

A Maryland spokesman Friday disputed this report, saying that no decision has yet been made on the color or design of the field.

2) Tons of Internet people in recent days have circulated pictures of a wacky turtle-shell design. That design came from fans on a message board thread. So headlines like “Rate Maryland’s New Football Field” and “Maryland Black Field Design Surfaces” and “Maryland Has a New Football Field” seem a tad premature to me.

3) Yes, construction has started on a new turf field at Capital One Field at Byrd Stadium. Yes, the project is being funded with private donations. Yes, it will be completed in time for the upcoming season. And the school says only that further details will be available soon.

As mentioned earlier this week, the Sun did a brief item on the topic, writing that “an announcement — complete with renderings — is expected in the next several weeks.”