I also recognize that the smiling cartoon Oriole bird is one of the most fantastic logos in the world.

Thus, I bring you this week’s news that Maryland is now offering cartoon Oriole bird license plates. They are beautiful to behold. If you like the Orioles and live in Maryland, I believe you are legally obligated to get one. Or morally, perhaps. Ethically. Transubstantially. Something.

This, of course, follows November’s news that the cartoon bird was coming back on Orioles hats. The plates cost $50, with half going to the Orioles charitable foundation.


Fans may enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win plate #0001, the first plate available, by going to orioles.com/plates to register and order their plates (no purchase necessary). The sweepstakes runs until April 17....

Plates featuring numbers of three of the Orioles’s biggest stars (Adam Jones #0010; Nick Markakis #0021; and Matt Wieters #0032) are also being auctioned for charity. Six other plates that have a special meaning to Orioles fans are also featured as part of the auction (#0004, #0005, #0008, #0020, #0022 and #0033).

Virginia offers Caps and Redskins plates among its many group offerings, while Maryland has Caps, Redskins, Ravens and Terps plates. No one seems to have a Nats plate yet.

(Via Camden Chat via @Kevin_Reiss)