(By Greg Fiume courtesy Maryland athletics.)

Well, don’t tell that to the men’s soccer supporters.

The student supporters — known as the Crew — busted out this impressive section-wide Tifo last weekend in honor of Sasho Cirovski, the longtime men’s coach. It shows Cirovski’s head on the Maryland state flag, with the words “Welcome to Ludwig” underneath.

The Crew was inspired to do this by several MLS franchises, which have increasingly embraced Tifo in recent years. The design was done by Maxx Bero, and several Crew members traced the design on canvas and painted it over two days.

“This not only continues to make The Crew the best college soccer fan base in America, but pays homage to Sasho’s 20th year and the Crew’s 10th season,” Adam Lauer, the group’s president, wrote in an e-mail.