I admit that I don’t know much about lacrosse, and really, I’m okay with that. I do know, however, that fighting is a no-no.

 Unfortunately for Maryland midfielder Kevin Cooper, NCAA rules stipulate an automatic suspension for fighting, so I hope this brawl was worth the benching.

Maryland Coach John Tillman shared his thoughts on the fisticuffs with the Washington Times:

"We talked at great length in the locker room and I expressed my displeasure at [the incident]," Tillman said. "Kevin hit him high, and even that was the wrong thing to do. Their player got up and retaliated and Kevin didn't respond the right way. It's always the second guy that gets caught, or the third guy. A lot of mental things come with being a good team. Regardless of what the other team does, there's a right and wrong response and we have to have the right response."

I get that fighting is against those silly NCAA rules, but because I’m not a lax aficionado, what is the right way to respond when someone tackles you? Fetal position? Play dead?

I’m serious, I want to know.