(Courtesy Maryland Athletics.)

Also, the Terps got to the ACC final by knocking off Duke, 12-3, in the process tying the record for fewest goals allowed in an ACC tourney game, which is impressive.

Still, because the editorial standards of the D.C. Sports Bog are extremely high, I demanded one more newsworthy detail before turning this development into a post.

And here it is: Coach Cathy Reese had her fourth child in late January, and little Braxton Jacob traveled with the team to Durham, N.C., for the tournament. Here is the 3-month-old with the ACC trophy on the team bus.

Riley — at 7, the eldest of the four kids — also was on the trip. Brody (5) and Cayden (4) stayed home.

The Terps are ranked fifth in the country; they close the regular season Wednesday with a 7 p.m. home game against No. 15 Georgetown.