(Via @asteckterp.)

So here are a few details, via the schools’ athletics department. The photos were taken last week by @asteckterp.

* Every four years, the school sands, paints and reseals the court. This was the year, which gave Maryland a chance to update everything on the floor. Most of the changes were minor refreshes, and the main design and colors remain unchanged.

* Last year, you’ll recall, the court was dedicated to Gary Williams. Those logos are now permanently painted on the main floor. See below.

* The Comcast logos were changed to XFINITY logos, at the request of the arena’s sponsor.

* The center court image was updated with the school’s new logo, seen above. That center court logo now matches the midfield image at Byrd Stadium. Here’s a reminder of what the old logo looked like.

* The school added “UMTERPS.COM” images in white, on the sideline area in front of the benches.

* The baselines were also updated with the school’s new font. And while both baselines used to read “Maryland,” one now reads “Terrapins.”