Does that mean all drama is gone? Not hardly. People are still wondering about Teddy.

Some people have long thought that the spectacled fella should win the presidents’ race during the first home game after the Nats clinched their first playoff berth. That didn’t happen. Others have wondered about the first home game after clinching a division title, or the first playoff game at Nats Park, or the first home World Series game.

Those days have not yet arrived, so the speculation continues.

Media attention, meanwhile, is spiking. First there was the E:60 piece. John McCain advocated for Teddy. Then the White House press secretary got involved. Tracee Hamilton wrote a column, asking about the end game.

“Is there a level of postseason play at which letting Teddy win is a must?” she asked. “And should the Nats let Teddy win just so everyone will stop talking about it?”

My pal Rick Snider also wrote a column in the Examiner, saying the time is now.

“The waning days of the season would be the perfect time for Teddy to cross the tape first,” Snider argued. “Let Teddy win as a tribute to the great season the Nationals delivered, regardless of their postseason fate. Teddy and the late president deserve it. So do fans.”

Strong words. And some recent dialogue from MASN’s broadcast crew probably won’t douse the chatter about whether the day is coming.

“He’s training seriously,” F.P. Santangelo said. “I saw him in Gold’s Gym the other day, doing squats, drinking a Muscle Milk shake. He’s training for something.”

 “Wow,” Carpenter said. “Does he go with the long brown pants and the jersey when he’s working out, and the tie?”

“No, tight spandex,” Santangelo answered. “And you don’t want to see it. It’s not pretty.”

“Wow,” Carpenter replied. “It’s paying off. I bet he’s improved his diet.”

“He’s working hard,” Santangelo reported. “He’s getting in shape.”

“I mean, that’s as well as I’ve ever seen him run,” Carpenter continued.

“He’s on a mission,” Santangelo said.

“Last time he was that fast, he was on a Segway,” Carpenter said.

That’s a lot of Teddy talk for one broadcast.

“Do Bob & F.P. know something?” one fan asked on Twitter. “Seemed like maybe some foreshadowing.”

(Via @dcuniverse.)


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