If there’s a dichotomy between Jim Riggleman and the stats folks, the Nats’ manager isn’t necessarily trying to bridge the gap. Above, please find two MASN radio ads that have recently hit local airwaves. Below, please find the text.

How many ball games are won by one run? Last season, 732. A walk, a bunt, a well-placed single and a sacrifice fly. You call it small ball; I call it SMART ball.

In baseball there’s a stat for every situation. Tie game, man on second, Ian Desmond at-bat. In day games, he’s batting .219. That’s what the stats say. Do you pinch hit for him? Absolutely not. Sometimes, you believe in the stats. Sometimes, you believe in the players.

Sure, and sometimes you order peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and yet the waiter shows up with avocado rolls, I suppose. You call it a mistake. I call it a Mississippi.