The Post got some comments from Matt Hendricks after he signed the first one-way deal of his NHL career, but he obviously had plenty more to say on the subject.

Fortunately, the gritty, plucky, scrappy, gutty scrapgutter is one of the subjects of the ever-awesome Hockey Diaries documentary series, which meant producer Gemma Hooley spent some time chatting with Hendricks about the deal.

She posted some of the audio on the duo’s Tumblr; you can listen to it here. But, as part of my transcription service, here’s what Hendricks said.

The deal, according to Hooley, was several months in the making, and when Hendricks heard it was finalized in mid-February, he called his dad in Minnesota.

“For him, it was great,” Hendricks said. “He’s been the guy that’s always thought I could be here. He’s the one that always told me you just need a break, you just need a break, you’re gonna get it, you’ve got to keep working. You know, sometimes I think it was ignorance that I kept listening to him all the time, but lo and behold, it paid off. So there’s a sense of pride in his voice right now. He’s very happy, and very thankful for this, too.

“I was trying to keep him out of the loop through everything, because I didn’t want him to be thinking about it too much, but when I called him and told him he couldn’t say enough good things. He was pretty happy.

“He was like, ‘Oh, we’re eating dinner, can I call you back?’ And I said, ‘No, no, I’ve got to tell you now.’ And those words you can’t express, you know?

“We signed it yesterday and we announced it yesterday. My mom was like, ‘Well you haven’t signed anything yet, you haven’t signed anything yet.’ So she felt a little better as of yesterday, too.”

Finally, Hooley asked Hendricks whether he used a special pen to sign the meaningful contract.

“Whatever pen they had up there I used,” Hendricks said. “I didn’t really care. I just wanted to make sure it was permanent ink.”