I’m not sure the Caps brought Matt Hendricks to town so he could do quintuple-deke shootout moves and land himself on SportsCenter’s Top 10 package, but strange things happen. Hendricks has now made a habit of looking beautiful on these things — you remember, of course, his pump-faked shootout goal against the Rangers, right?

Well, Tuesday night’s was even better. Again there was the fake shot, and then some NHL ‘94-style deking, and then the raving began.

“He had him at hello,” the Versus announcer said.

“The only bad thing about the goal is that from a humanistic perspective, one might feel sorry for Brian Boucher. He bit so hard on a couple of those dekes he may have pulled a groin, injured an ACL and tweeked his back all on one shootout,” Pro Hockey Talk wrote.

“Matt Hendricks just did the dirty in the shootout against the Flyers,”Charles_Bendall wrote.

“Matt Hendricks with a greasy shootout move. No chance for Boucher,” The_Sports_Mind wrote.

“Matt Hendricks just undressed Brian Boucher, re-dressed him, and then undressed him again,” chitsweire wrote.

“Matt hendricks = secret weapon in shootouts Hahahahaha,” karlalzner wrote. Yeah, that Karl Alzner.

And sure enough, the goal landed Hendricks the No. 9 spot in SportsCenter’s Top 10.