(Gail Burton/AP)

* They played each other in the regular season. Imagine that. Two national powers, located a few miles apart, testing themselves and pleasing fans with a regular-season showdown. It just seems so odd that they would agree to do this. Can’t figure it out.

* They won NCAA tournament games. That means they’ll play Tuesday night for a spot in the Sweet 16.

Now, I was unable to attempt to assist the reporters who were attempting to stir things up at the pre-game media availability on Monday, so I’ll just choose the five best quotes I’ve seen from the session.

1) Maryland Coach Brenda Frese, on facing Georgetown:

“You have to be competitive, so obviously we take great pride in the fact that in our area we want to play everyone. We want to have competitive games. Having this matchup now with Georgetown has been fun. You want to play great competition and be able to gauge where you’re at.”

No no no, Coach. In our area, you want to make pointed comments about everyone but never actually play them. That’s the strategy.

2) Georgetown guard Monica McNutt, on the matchup:

“I’m a local kid, so I’ve had the opportunity to watch those championship teams. Marissa Coleman is not there anymore.”

Burn. Burn, burn, burn.

3) Maryland center Lynetta Kizer, on the Hoyas, to CSN Washington.

“They said a lot of things that they had to say in the press conference.”

Now, I haven’t seen too much that was provocative, other than the McNutt quote. Still, Gene Wang reported that “in the Maryland locker room, taped onto framed photographs hanging from the wall, are pages of daring quotes from Georgetown.”

4) Maryland guard Kim Rodgers, on the rivalry:

“I personally think that there has to be some history behind it. There has to be some wins on both sides. The matchup has to have been going on for quite a while for it to get the deep competitive nature where you really don’t like the other team. Obviously we want to win tomorrow but I wouldn’t call it a rivalry yet.”

Indeed, the Terps are 8-1 all-time vs. Georgetown, and the schools have played just once since 2003. Still.

5) Georgetown Coach Terri Williams-Flournoy, on her confidence.

“You want us to be scared because we’re playing at Maryland? We’re not scared.”

I mean, more of this, please. This is going to make me watch this game.